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            The barwing is the Anglo-Indian name for birds of the genus Actinodura, from the black bar or bars which the wings of most of them present. The genus is usually placed in the ill-defined Family Timaliidae.

Basipterygoid Processes
        These are a pair of bony outgrowths onthe right and left side ofthe body of the basisphenoid, forming the principal articulation of the pterygoids with the basis cranii. Such processes are well developed in all the Ratitae, Crypturi, Turnices, and Striges. Similar processes spring from the basisphenoidal rostrum in many other Carinatae, e.g. Anseres, Gallinae, Columbae, Pteroclidae, Cathartidae, and Serpentarius; while in many birds these processes are developed in the embryo but are resorbed finally, or they are never developed, the anterior ends of the pterygoids in either case articulating with the palatine bones alone, or, resting directly upon the basisphenoidal rostrum, as in:

  • Phrenicopterus
  • Grallae
  • Laridae
  • Dicholophus
  • Pygopodes
  • Impennes
  • Steganopodes
  • Falconidae
  • Psittaci
  • Cuculidae
  • Opisthocomus
  • Macrochires
  • Pici
  • and Passeres.
In the Limicolae and Tubinares these processes are very variable. For illustrations see SKULL.

Baya  (Hindu Baia)
            Often used in English ornithology for the common WEAVER-BIRD of India, of the genus Ploceus, the builder of the well- known retort-shaped nests.

Bay-Bird and Beach-Bird
            Both of these are common names on the Atlantic coast of North America for several of the Scolopacidae family, for example the SANDERLING, TURNSTONE, and others. (Cf Trumbull, Names and Portraits of Birds, pages. 186, 191 note.)

            See Bill.

            Said to be the name used in some parts of England for the Spotted FLYCATCHER.

Bee Eater

Beef Eater
            See Ox Pecker.

Bell Bird

            The dealers' name for the beautiful little African bird, Fringilla bengalus of Linnaeus, and some of its allies, belonging to the Ploceidae (WEAVER-BIRD), and referred by later writers to the genus Estrilda, Pytelia or Uraegnathus. The name originated with Brisson (Ornithol. iii. p. 203), who believed these birds came from Bengal.

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