Origin of birds and Etymology of the Word Bird

Interesting birds featured:
» Adjutant stork
» Albatross
» Antbirds
» Avocet
» Babbler
» Barbet
» Bee Eater
» Bell Bird
» Bird of Paradise
» Bittern
» Bluebird
» Bobolink
» Booby
» Bower Bird
» Broadbill
» Bulbul
» Bullfinch
» Bunting
» Bustard
» Butcher Bird
» Buzzard
» Canary
» Capercaillie
» Caracara
» Cassowary
» Cereopsis or Cape Barren Goose
» Chaffinch
» Chamaea or Wrentit
» Chapparal Cock or Road Runner
» Chatterer
» Chough
» Cockatoo
» Cock-of-the-rock
» Common Kestrel
» Condor
» Coot
» Cormorant
» Coucal
» Courser
» Cowbird
» Crane
» Crossbill
» Crow
» Cuckoo
» Curassow
» Curlew
» Dabchick or Little Grebe
» Dayal or Oriental Magpie Robin
» Dickcissel
» Diver or Loon
» Dodlet or Tooth Billed Pigeon
» Dodo (extinct)
» Dotterel
» Drepanis
» Drongo or King Crow
» Eagles
» Egyptian Vulture or Pharaoh's Chicken
» The Griffon Vulture or Great Vulture
» Harrier Hawk
» Hoopoe
» Jackdaw
» Kite Species
» Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture
» Lesser Kestrel
» Nightjar or Night Hawk
» Osprey
» Partridge
» Peregrine Falcon
» Passenger-pigeon (extinct)
» Sparrow Hawk
» Swallow
» Swift

New upcoming feature: Bird dictionary

Bird Biology:
» Air sacs
» Bird Anatomy
» The Bill or Beak
» Blood
» Bones
» Brain
» Caeca
» Carotids
» Claws or Nails
» Cloaca
» Colour
» Crop
» Diaphragm
» Digestive System
» Dimorphism

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Welcome to The Wonder of Birds, dedicated to our feathered friends of all types and sizes.  Whether it be the soaring grace of an eagle or albatross, or the hyper-fast flaps of the hummingbird as it hovers whilst sipping nectar from a forest flower, each species of bird has its own unique story.  Here we try to present the fascinating facts and interesting information about them.

Birds have a special place in all our lives.  As we venture out of our homes, maybe to work or to visit family or friends, birds are often the only wild animals that we see around us in the modern world.  Even indoors, from our own windows, we may often be able to see them going about their daily business.  Many species have joined us in villages, town and cities, either making their permanent homes around us or temporarily staying before migrating elsewhere, maybe to a far distant country - perhaps to somewhere we ouselves will never have the chance to travel.   And these that we see in our normal daily lives are usually only the common species.  Outside our cities and towns, maybe even outside of our country, a vast array of intriguing species of birds, each with their own lifestyle and habits can be found. 

Some are vegetarians, others are scavengers of carcases and some are outright killers, but all are trying to get by in life the best they can. And most have, either currently or at some time in the past, mastered a marvel that no human ever has - the spectacle,of winged flight without the need for any artificial assistance.  As we are fixed to the ground by the phenomenon of gravity, our feathered friends have the power and pleasure of soaring above us, often travelling huge distances over land, sea and deserted plain.

To start we'll be looking at some of the most popular and interesting birds including some of the highly impressive birds of prey.  Check back soon for some fascinating information as we grow.

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