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            An Order proposed by Temminck in 1820 (Man. d'Orn. ed. 2, i. page xcv.) to contain the genera Psophia (Trumpeter), Dicholophus (Seriema), Glareola (Pratincole), Palamedea, and Chauna (Screamer). SundevaIl subsequently (K. Vet. Acad. Handlingar, 1836, p. 120) substituted Otis (Bustard) for Glareola, but wholly dropped the group in his Tentamen (1872-73) wherein these forms are differently disposed. The Order has, however, been admitted by several other systematists, and among them by Mr. Sclater, who, in 1880, made it include six Families.

            According to Professor Huxley's arrangement (Proc. Zool. Soc. 1867, pages 456, 459), the fifth group of Schizognathae, corresponding practically with the Gallinae of Linnaeus; and, omitting the genera Opisthocomus (Hoactzin) and Menura (Lyre-Bird), with the section Gallinacei of Illiger's Rasores.

            The old and apparently the more correct form of Auk.

Allantois (from allantos, a sausage).
            A sack-like structure, which during the very early development of the embryo grows out from the posterior gut into the body cavity, and extends rapidly all round the embryo in the space enclosed by the false amnion, forming then with the latter a highly vascular inner lining of the eggshell. This bag receives urine, and takes on respiratory functions in embryonic Birds and Reptiles. Towards the end of incubation the allantois shrivels up, and is cast off with the shell; its stalk or urachus, from the cloaca to the navel, is gradually absorbed, there being no urinary bladder in Birds (see Embryology).

            Otherwise Alph, Awbe, or Olph, a word of unknown origin, but of long standing (see Chaucer, Romaunt of the Rose, circa 1400), and even as comparatively recently as the 19th century used locally in the UK in one or other of its forms, e.g. "Blood Olph" and "Green-Olph'' for the Bullfinch and Greenfinch respectively.


            A bird fanciers' name for a certan group of Parrots belonging chiefly to the genus Chrysotis.

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